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My doctor tells me that I have "Discogenic Pain" can you help

There is no easy solution to the problem of “Discogenic Pain”. Our experienced surgeons have performed literally thousands of procedures for this type of problem in years past, but with the passage of time and the benefit of well designed investigative studies, in hindsight the spine community is no longer enthusiastic about the long term results of fusion for this disease.

It is a tremendous amount of surgery to address a very small lesion (an annular tear). While disc related pain is one of the most difficult problems we face there are nevertheless several minimally invasive laser treatments that can improve disc related pain without resorting to a fusion or an artificial disc (which is being shown to have its own set of negatives). Plasma Disc Decompression and endoscopic laser assisted discectomies offer success without the hardware, fusion or the attendant complications. There are also some experimental injection therapies for those interested in a more adventurous potential solution!