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Why might you be able to help me when others say that they cannot

With minimally invasive laser procedures we can see the problems often better than with open procedures. There is less destruction of normal tissues, which reduces new post-operative complaints.

What we can see during surgery with the magnification and direct illumination is remarkable when compared to the visualization during an open operation. It is just like the difference between open knee surgery and endoscopic knee surgery. No one any longer doubts the incredible benefits of endoscopy of the knee. It is similar with the spine.

Problems that are difficult to resolve with conventional surgery are often quite amenable to the endoscopic laser approach. There is less scar tissue and trauma as a result of the operation itself and this results in our ability to improve your problem without creating new ones.

Through the use of these advanced techniques many problems can be resolved when related to the disc, bone or scar tissue even though over many patients may have had previous spinal surgery. These techniques are like a fresh look at an old problem so while not everyone can be helped it is not yet the time to despair!